Heavy Handle i ergonomisk grep med 2 spinnlåser samt hull for kabel.

NB! kommer kun i ergonomisk håndtak

Heavy Handel

Heavy handel

There are two shafts at a 90 degree angle to each other so that the athlete can change the angle of resistance when doing exercises. By changing the weight on either 'Shaft A or B', the athlete can target different areas of a muscle group just by changing the weight to a different shaft, or in case of weight on Shaft B, by switching the weight in your hand so that 'Shaft B' points in the opposite direction.

The ring at the end of 'Shaft B' is to be used to attach the Heavy Handle to any type of pulley/universal weight machine and used for rows, pulls and curls.

Q:What's so different about this dumbbell in comparison to other adjustable dumbbells?

A: There are numerous differences between the Heavy Handle™ with it's Patent Pending design and typical dumbbells. First of all, have you ever wondered what it would be like to do an exercise with one side of a dumbbell cut off? We have! By putting weight plates on 'Shaft B' you can easily do wrist rotations(right) and isolate different areas of muscle groups like the front/back of the deltoids or upper/lower pecs.

When weight is added to 'Shaft A', it uniquely puts the weight out like an extension of your arm. You can do wrist curls without rolling a barbell or dumbbell down your fingers and hammer curls will be a totally new experience with the resistance being extended past your hand. 

Finally,how many dumbbells have you seen with a ring so that you can attach it to a cable/pulley weight machine?!?

A: The 1" Ergo handle has proven to be a favorite for thousands of athletes as it is "ergonomically" designed to fit perfectly in your hand which makes for a comfortable exercisie  to enhance their grip strength.

Q: How much weight can I use?

A: We designed the dumbbells so that the shafts would easily hold up to three 25lb plates for 75lbs total. We have had reports of athletes doing one-arm deadlifts with hundreds of pounds, but the weight shafts and cable ring are only designed for 75lbs total. We also will not warrant any damage that may occur when using more than 75lbs. Most athletes will agree that 75lbs with the exersices given here is a formidable weight.